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Jay Brown: the axe man 

Guitar is my specialty.

Major influences are:  Pantera, Metallica, AC/DC, Killlswitch Engage and  punk


I got my first guitar back in 1995. It was a blue pawn shop Kramer. My skills lacked but that didnít stop me. I was always in love with music just not passionate about it until I lost a very close friend; it was then that I experimented with different genres of music. I picked up and couple more lessons off of my friends and teachers. As I got better I got better guitars/ amps, I practice as much as 4 hours and day depending on what I'm learning. Anything you wanna know hit me up on my email or aol 


I use:
Gibson les Paul studio 
ESP Explorer custom grey 
ESP Explorer Custom blue
Ovation op40acoustic/electric

Fender Metal head solid-state
4 12 cab fender 
Crate B.V 120 head all tube
Crate Vintage 30 cab 4 12 
Peavey 112 bandit 
Epiphone 112 all tube
Fender GDEC 

SKB Pedal Board 
Boss metal zone MT2 
Boss super overdrive SO-1
Boss compression sustainerCS-1
Fender stomp box tuner 
Mxr noise gate