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Demos from the Avyss:

This is our first demo, released late October 2000.

Cool   (4:47) rhythm guitars: Joe and Brian  (King V and EX)
leads: Joe  (King V)
bass: Jeff  (Ibanez bass)
drums: Ryan
Download song mp3   32k mono (1 meg)  

In a place known as hell, satan sits and laughs
Looking how you lived your life cuz you thought it was cool
In the end its not that way, as he's burning your soul
Eternal pain and agony is his only goal

Image all that's real to you, actions that break me in two
Senseless deeds the golden rule, conformity to be cool
Push them all into the ground, your favorite way of living
You will find that in a real world, those ways are less forgiving

The basic ghist of this song is about people who live their entire lives only to be cool.  They do things only because  others think its cool to do.  Fads change, trends die off.  Be yourself.

Layaway  (3:07) rhythm guitars: Joe and Brian  (Rogue and EX)
leads: Joe  (Rogue)
bass: Jeff  (Ibanez bass)
drums: Ryan
Currently lyric less. Joe originally wrote the bass line for this song but eventually brought it to guitar. The bass line was tweaked by Jeff.  The name came from the nickname of the Rogue guitar.
Cathedral  (3:24) rhythm guitars: Joe and Brian  (King V and RG)
lead 1: Alan Barker  (King V)
lead 2: Brian  (RG)
bass: Joe  (Washburn bass)
drums: Ryan
Originally written to go with a Quake III level, it was designed as an instrumental.  Since its conception, the level was scrapped and only this song remains of the concept.
Outro  (2:43) cello: Joe  (cello)
bass: Joe  (Washburn bass)
drums: Ryan
This song is a completely free flowing song that is reminiscent of my old band. The style is not what will be traditionally done by Last Will.

Recorded at:  Last Will studios
Mixed and mastered at:  Last Will studios
Recording engineer:  Joe Grazulis
Produced by:  Joe Grazulis
Artwork by:  Jason Boles, Joe Grazulis, and Brian Van Maurik
Demo concept by:  Joe Grazulis and Last Will
Copyright © 2000 Last Will and Joe Grazulis

Gear used for recordings:
2 AKG C1000's for overheads and vocals
Shure SM57 for snare and guitar
Shure Beta 52 for kick drum and guitar

Signal processors and Effects:
Boss VF1 for mastering, reverb, chorus, EQ, compression, and guitars
Rocktron Chameleon 2000 for vocals, leads, and bass
BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer for mastering and vocals

Recording units:
Fostex VF16 for recording and A/D and D/A converters
Mackie 1202-VLZ PRO for mike preamps and eq
Computer for mixdown, EQ, dynamic processing, and cd creation

Now available
The Edge - Century III Mall
Dave's Music Mine - Forbes Ave, Oakland... above the McDonalds