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Jason Eiben: the bass

I play bass.

"That's just like in Aqua-Teen Hunger Force when meatwad says..." 

Major influences are:  Rush, Annihilator, and Iced Earth


When I was younger I was raised on music such as The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Harry Chapin, Jethro Tull.  As i was growing up and finding out what music fit me for who I am, I discovered a more progressive style such as Aerosmith, Collective Soul, Rush, Bon Jovi, Guns 'N' Roses and Ozzy Osbourne.  I started my music playing during late middle school on an old Kramer guitar I got handed down from my sister who lost interest in playing. I taught myself to play from there and learning to read tablature got my feet off the ground to expand my playing abilities. In 10th grade I signed up for the Jazz band for the high school playing guitar and in 11th I started playing bass in the marching band and followed that until graduation.  In my high school days I discovered more of 80's hair metal like Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Cinderella, Poison, Judas Priest, Montrose, and Yes.  Throughout college I kept to my studies and played on the occasion with a few friends from school and old friends from high school.  As I spent time hanging with Joe I discovered a totally new era of rock and metal not played on the radio.  He showed me bands such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Annihilator, and Iced Earth.

I use:
Kramer Striker 5 string bass
Silvertone 4 string bass
Ashdown MAG 300H bass head
SWR 4x10 cabinet