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Our History:

November 1999: Last Will officially born
The Last Will web page created  
Johnas unofficially joins as bass player
December 1999: Tryout with unknown guitarist and Johnas turns to extreme failure
January 2000: Johnas gets unofficially kicked out for lack of attendance
March 2000: Brian Van Maurik joins as second guitarrist
Mike Bradburn joins as bassist
April 2000: Mike Bradburn quits
June 2000: Ryan Mulholland joins as drummer
August 2000: Jeff Hopkins joins as bassist
October 2000: Demos from the Abyss, our first demo, is completed and released
December 2000: Ryan Mulholland quits drums and joins Prototype Embryo
Jeff Hopkins removed
January 2001: Brian quits
July 2001: Joe gets drum machine... begins work on next demo
August 2001: Alan Barker joins on guitar
November 2001: Ryan rejoins as drummer
July 2002: Alan quits due to relocation
September 2002: Last Will begins work on second demo
March 2005: Music produced for second release: Incompletion
July 2005: Incompletion completed and released
July 2006: Jason Eiben joins as bassist
Jason Iampietro joins as guitarist
November 2006: Ryan let go due to personal reasons
December 2006: Brian Piktel joins as drummer - Brian quits a week later.... 
March 2007: Last Will picks up temporary drummer, Don Krieger, to get us going live!
April 2007: Jason Iampietro let go, Joe Morgan brought in as new guitarist.
July/Aug 2007: Played our first 4 shows over the summer with great success!
Dec 07/April 08: Played multiple shows at Casa 'd Ice and Roys by the Tracks.
April 2008: Joe Morgan leaves as guitarist after Roy's by the Tracks show.
May 2008: Tryouts held and Jay Brown picked as new guitar player.