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Joe Grazulis: the man with the plan

I play guitar, bass, and do vocals.   I arrange and wrote most of the music.  To add to that I am in charge of all recording and production.  I also maintain this website.

"We are here to make sure that everyone is aware of the real problems in society and life, not just the symptoms of the problems.  In the process we are trying to play a style of music that we enjoy and that requires skill, ability, and technique.  Most of what we do is relatively difficult to play in some way, shape, or form." 

Major influences are:  Megadeth, OLD Metallica, Overkill, Iced Earth, Fates Warning, and Dream Theater

I first started getting into music when I started playing cello in 3rd grade.  I played that instrument through my 8th grade year.  I was not serious about my playing then, but I showed talent.  I played until 9th grade when I quit for 2 years so that I could take electronics classes at my high school.  Then in my last 2 years I started again, but became more serious about creating music.  I started listening to metal in about 91 when I heard Sad but True on the radio for the first time.

I graduated high school in 97.  During that summer, I was fortunate enough to meet Dave Mustaine and Nick Menza after their show here.  They influenced me by showing me that "rock stars" are just normal people too and that possibly anyone could achieve that if they worked at it.

Almost a year later in March of 98 I obtained my Washburn bass guitar.  This was partially inspired because a friend of mine got a drum set and partially because of my cousin's bass that I had played before.  

May 98 I joined my first band and began to get band experience.

July 98 I bought the Rogue which started me on guitar, mainly because I could not find anyone to play thrash or speed metal.

Oct 99 I quit my old band because the music style and band was not going in the direction that I wanted to go.

Nov 99 I started Last Will and the rest is in the news history!

I use:
1988 USA Jackson King V w/ EMG 81 bridge, EMG 85 neck
1989 Ibanez RG550 w/ Tone Zone bridge, Air Northn neck
1992 Ibanez RG550
1990 Yamaha RGX612MA w/Bill Lawrence L280 neck, Screamin Demon bridge
Epiphone acoustic guitar
Washburn XB500 bass
Boss VF1 multi effects processor
Rocktron Chameleon 2000 preamp
ADA MP1 preamp
Rane MPE28 midi EQ
Art X-15 midi controller
Shure wireless
ETA PD8L power conditioner
Rocktron Velocity 250 poweramp
Marshall 1936 2x12
Boss Dr 770 drum machine

Recording/Live Gear I own:
3 Shure sm57 mikes
Shure Beta 52 mike
2 AKG C1000 mikes
EV 478 mike
Rode NT1000 mike
3 Sennheiser E604 mikes
Art stereo tube preamp with DI/O ADAT input / output
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Lexicon MPX1 effects processor
Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mixer
Behringer MX9000 mixer
Behringer Quad noise gate
Behringer Quad compressor
Behringer Quad headphone preamp
Alesis PEQ450 parametric EQ (2)
Alesis 3630 compressor (2)
Fostex VF16 hard disk recorder