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Archive News: July 2000

07-30-2000  11:30pm

Yeah, we're still alive.  In fact, we're kickin' (ass that is) pretty good.  We are pretty solid on our rhythm parts.  I just need to get my bass stuff down and get our lyrics/vocals completed and we're basically ready.  We'll probably start recording the week after next.  Still no word on the VF1 yet.  I hope they get that thing done soon!!  Anyways, we should be obtaining our mikes and the rest of our recording gear sometime this upcoming week.  I'll keep you posted.

07-22-2000  11:40pm

There were a few things of note that happened today.  First off, I obtained new strings for my bass.  This is the first set in almost 3 years, so there definitely was a HUGE difference in tone.  This bass is much brighter, punchier, and has a longer sustain time now.  Secondly, we had a practice today and it went really well.  We pinpointed some problems in Cool, fixed some timing issues in Layaway and had a few good runs of Cathedral.  Overall things are coming together.

07-18-2000  11:10pm

Well, the past 2 days have been really shitty for me.  To make a long story short, my Boss VF1 fried last night.  So now I have to wait 3-4 weeks to get it back.  I am resorting to my old Boss Metal Zone, but it sux in comparrison to the VF1.  The big problem with this is that this unit is an integral part of our demo's processing and my guitar recording.  We had planned to start recording in about 2 weeks or so, even though it is just scratch recording, its still recording.  This means that we will be held back somewhat until late August, which is getting a bit close to the gun for this demo.  Let's just pray that the guys at Roland get this one done fast, eh?  Thanks.

07-16-2000 1:00am

2 days ago I obtained a midi cable that allowed me to use my Art X-15 control pedal with my VF1.  It really makes things nice and easy for changing patches and it allows me volume swell and other expression pedal effects.  That same day we practiced Cool and got it down almost perfectly.  Layaway is still rough and Cathedral is quite behind, but overall things are fitting into place for the demo.  I should be starting to work on some lead parts over the next few weeks for each song.

07-09-2000  5:45pm

Last night my compute decided to break down, so I spent the majority of this morning getting it running again.  Brian and I had a practice today.  I also did some minor updates to the website today.  A few days ago I obtained my Fostex VF-16 16 track hard disk recorder.  This unit will now allow us to begin some basic recordings for the demo.  Once we obtain some mikes we will start recording the tracks for the demo.

07-04-2000  7:00pm

Happy 4th of July everyone!!  Today we are celebrating yet another year since we have declared independence from Great Britain.  There is no new news.  Everyone have a fun and safe holiday!!

07-01-2000  6:40pm

We tried out a vocalist yesterday that was decent, but not quite at the skill level that we need currently.  We are going to try him after he gets some practice.  In the mean time, we are still auditioning vocalists and bassists.  In other news, we had a practice today and things went allright.  Cool is coming along nicely.  Layaway has some rough parts, but its coming along.  Brian needs to practice playing with a drummer more, but otherwise we're nearing readiness to record.

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