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Last Will:

The album that will not suck.  This cd is currently being written.  Check back for any updates.

(lineup subject to change and definitely will)

Cool Yes, this is the song from the demo.  It will stay with us for our album.
Sect of the Unknown Ever hear of those monks who live out in the middle of the desert?  That's what this is about.
Layaway This song was also pulled from the demo as a keeper.
Plague School shootings?  Well, here's our answer to some of the cases.  This song has some lyrics written and is being arranged.
Earth of Fire Nukes should not be sold to incompetent hotheads, no matter how poor your country is.  This song is about just that.  
mp3: eofdemo4
Emotion Instrumental
Thrasher's Anonymous Addcited to metal, this is the only place we can enjoy.
mp3: tademo1
Beaurocratic Bullshit Beaurocratics are slowing things down all around us and screwing the honest person.  This song gives examples of that.
Last Will The last will that we give as humanity gives to our future generations.

Random riffs not yet in complete songs:

Thrash riff: a fast and thrashy riff.  mp3: thrashh.mp3 (recorded 5-28-2001)