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Last Will related people's pages:

Last Will on

ex member - Brian Van Maurik's page

BNR Metal Pages - cool pages with many metal bands listed
Metal History - The history of heavy metal and its genres
The Frozen Palace - Like Iced Earth?  Check out the tabs and message board 

Official band pages: - Megadeth's official page - Dream Theater's official page
Wrecking Crew - Overkill's official page - Iced Earth's page
Testament - Testament's official site
Savatage - Savatage's site
Nevermore - Nevermore's official site (vocalist and bassist from Sanctuary)
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath's page
Official Dio Page - Ronnie James Dio's official web page

Equipment pages:

Last Will unofficially endorses some of these companies products.

Seymour Duncan - Check out their quality pickups
Jackson Guitars - Awesome guitars
Ibanez Guitars - More guitars
Boss Products - They make really good and durable effects
Rocktron Products - Preamps, power amps, and speakers
Harmony Central® - All sorts of good information, classifieds, reviews
Mackie Designs Inc. - Very nice and powerful mixers
Fostex - Variety of decent recording gear