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Archive News: January 2002 to March 2005

3-23-2005  9:00am

    Things seem to be gearing up here at the Last Will front!  We just acquired another member.  Ex member Alan Barker has rejoined!  You can check his information out at his page Alan Barker. We are still looking for a vocalist / bassist, but this is definitely a very positive step, especially considering the stagnation this band has seen over the last 2 years.  Also, Incompletion is coming along rather well.  I am completing paperwork and found a pressing company.  I hope to have it ready for distribution by the end of April.

3-6-2005 5:00am

    Well, another year has passed and life has changed dramatically for both of us here at Last Will.  The biggest piece of news is that the album, Incompletion, is completed from a music standpoint.  Everything is recorded and the production is done.  We are right now working on artwork and the other bureaucratics surrounding albums.  Anyways, as soon as everything is completed you will all be the first to know!  Check back for any updates!  I hope to be posting some new mp3's as soon as we can.

2-9-2004 10:15am

  Wow... time has run away from us all.  Well, here I am, back to inform all of you on what has happened in basically the last year.  I obtained a more perminant location for Last Will studios: my house.  We finished recording all the drums, rhythm, and vocals for the demo.  Most of the leads were either written and / or recorded.  So basically we were close to being done.  We had our photoshoot in September 2003.  It went quite well and we are very happy with the results.  Then in late October I bought a drum set.  It is a 7 piece Pearl.  To make a long story short, Ryan came over and jammed on this kit and decided that we needed to redo some things.  So we re-recorded Cool, Layaway, and Earth of Fire.  We also recorded Cathedral and decided to put in on the demo.  We began working on some new material also... so this demo will be a decent length.  We are also doing a cover of Megadeth's Skull Beneath the Skin.  So now with upgraded recording equipment and a better drum set, we have some songs on the demo that will quite possibly be the best quality that you ever have heard from Last Will.  I look forward to finishing these songs and this demo.  As soon as it is out I will be sure to tell it here first!

2-23-03  11:45pm

  It has been a while since I have posted here.  This is due to many major factors.  First off, I am working on getting Last Will Studios its final home... which has taken alot of my time and efforts away from the demo.  On the other hand I have been spending time on it and have all of the rhythm tracks recorded.  Next are vocals.  Keep back for more news!

12-15-02  10:45pm

  The drums for all 6 songs are completed along with a few of the rhythm guitar parts.  Things are definitely under way for this demo.  I am very happy with the sound of things and the guitar tone that I have been able to achieve.  This demo will definitely be superior to the previous one in every way.

11-16-02  11:15pm

  We currently have the drums and scratch tracks recorded for four of the songs (Cool, Layaway, Emotion, and Plague).  We plan on finishing drums on the last two by the end of the month.  So far everything definitely sounds great!  I plan on putting alittle more emphasis on bass guitar than I have in the past.  I hope everyone is looking forward to this demo as much as we are!

09-21-2002  10:15am

  Things have kind of gotten off track over the last few months.  Alan moved away, leaving us with only Ryan and I.  That did not stop us, though.  Ryan and I are currently working on the next demo release: Incompletion .  We are preparing to record the drum tracks.  It is my hope to have the demo recorded by Christmas.

05-03-2002  12:30pm

  It has officially been decided that we will be starting on our second demo soon.  It will probably be a 5 track demo.  We have yet to figure out the specifics, but once I obtain some more recording gear, we will begin recording.  I will let you all know as we get the specifics to the demo down.  We are all looking forward to having this opportunity to put our thoughts on tape.  Keep back for more news on the demo!

04-04-2002  3:00pm

  Unfortunately we have some terrible news.  As of 4-3-2002 Megadeth frontman and axeman, Dave Mustaine has suffered nerve injury in his left arm, making him unable to play.  This weighs heavy on all our our hearts as we are all big fans of Megadeth.  We wish the band and other fans the best of luck in their future endeavours.  Let Megadeth live on!!

03-17-2002  8:45pm

Things have been extremely slow on the Last Will front.  I was breifly involved in a side project called Socialist Slaughter.  It is a death / chaos metal group.  It revolves around the Libritatrian views.  We recorded a short 3 track demo called Enter Prohibition.  Once a site is made I will link it here.  Everything else has been really slow.  I hope to see things pick up in the next few weeks.  I will try to get some more recent records up online in the next few weeks also.

01-13-2002  4:30pm

Things have been slow around here as far as the band in general goes.  We have been writing some new material and focusing on our playing.  The set list and songs we're dealing with has changed and been updated accordingly in the Last Will page.  We are also working on learning and perfecting some covers.  We are preparing to perform live.  I will be currently acting on vocals and temporarily holding back on some of my guitar duties when we go live unless we can obtain a vocalist.

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