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Archive news: April 2000

04-30-2000  1:00pm

Two days ago, we had a jam session.  Things went really well overall.  We played Layaway, although we were having some problems, Cathedral with a new riff, and Cool, which is completed except for lyrics, leads, and drums.  Things seemed to go quite well, though.  We also covered Earth of Fire, Plague, and Ethereal.  Everything went quite well.  I am officially out of school for the semester, so that means that I will have more time to play and improve myself for the demo.  The same holds for Brian.

04-23-2000  1:10am

We had another practice today.  Some time was eaten up by a quick guitar forum where I rebuilt a friend of mine's guitar.  Unfortunately we ran into a huge snag with the bridge pickup and I spent like an hour trying to fix the screwed up wiring to no avail.  Anyways, we did get a solid 2 hours of playing in and spent about another 30 min on orginazation of Cool and discussing issues in other songs that need addressed.  In short, the rythym parts for the demo are near completion.  Once we have a drummer and jam with him for a few times, we'll probably be ready to start laying down tracks.

04-18-2000  12:34am

School has been kickin my ass pretty good as of late.  In the rare spare time I've gotten since Saturday, I've practiced alot of the songs for the album, not just the ones for the demo.  Now is really an interesting time as I must practice my own material to improve apon it.  I have never really practiced in this manner.  It should prove interesting.  Brian has been continuing his work on Defiler and learning the songs.  The demo tracks are coming along nicely, and if we could get someone to record drums for us, we'd have the rythym tracks down pretty soon.

04-09-2000  1:40pm

I spent some time today messing around with recording settings and whatnot and I've come up with a great tone for my guitar for rythym parts.  We will have to do the same for Brian as his pedal does not sound so hot direct.

04-08-2000  1:40am

Brian and I had a jam session earlier on today.  Things went really well.  We covered alot of material in the time we played and are starting to finish up the songs for the demo.  We have the majority of the rythym parts figured out and will soon be starting scratch recordings and solos and things of that nature.  Look back for any updates.

04-06-2000  12:!5am

I just recieved word that Mike has resigned from Last Will due to musical differences.  He definately will be missed by us due to his personality and musical expertice.  For now, that limits us to me and Brian.  That also means that we're looking for a new bassist.  The page has been updated accordingly.

04-03-2000  10:00pm

I got the pictures back from the developer today.  I have 2 new pics of me and my guitars posted, and hopefully I will have some of the new guys posted as well.  I had a major computer crash problem this past weekend, so I've been mostly busy with that.

04-01-2000  1:00am

Well, today we did a recording of this one Cacophony song.  Brian and I were doing the harmony sweep thing perfectly, too.  We didn't even break a sweat.  April fools... bet ya didn't know that one... hehe.  Anyways, we did record a scratch recording of Cathedral.  This recording is now in the clips section.  We did alot of work on both Cool and Layaway.  Mike appears to be slowing coming up to speed.  He now has Cathedral down and most of Layaway, except for the new riffs (even I'm having trouble with 'em, and I wrote 'em!).  Things are slowly coming into place.  Brian and I did some work on other pieces, with varying ranges of success.

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