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Archive News: August 2000

8-24-2000 11:15pm

Today was the last day of recording for Ryan.  So we are now going into the overdubbing stage.  Things are sounding great so far, so I see no reason as to why they would get worse.  I also updated some info on Jeff.  If anything new happens, I'll let you know.

8-22-2000  11:15pm

Today we obtained a bass player.  We ran him through our rigerous testing program and he performed even better than we had anticipated.  He has a great attitude and is definately something that Last Will needs.  We hope to have him on the demo.  As far as the demo is concerned, we have recorded the drum and my guitar tracks for 2 songs and are preparing the last 2 songs.  Things are moving along well.  Unfortunately due to a schedule change we are forced to move the release date of the demo back till the end of September.  I hope to get it done earlier, but I do not believe that we can get it done sooner.

08-11-2000  8:00pm

Today I got my Boss VF1 back.  I also purchased a Rocktron Chameleon 2000 preamp.  It sounds really good for clean stuff and the distortion is at least as good as the VF1.  Anyways, we have taken a little hiatus from playing this past week.  Sunday we had a miserable practice.  We're planning for another practice this Sunday.  I'm hoping that things will go well.

08-4-2000  11:30pm

We got the rest of our recording gear and did a quick test run.  Considering that we spent about 15 min setting up mikes and the units, I think things sounded really well.  Guitars were recorded direct, which makes 'em sound bad, but we will overdub them later when we do the real recordings.  I have posted a clip of our recording of the middle part of Cool.  Check it out!!  It's your first taste of our drummer really in action.

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