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Archive news: December 1999

12-28-1999  3:30pm

I decided to play some bass for a change today and remembered this cool bass "solo" I wrote for a talent show I played once.  I decided that it should be included in the demo as it is easy to play, yet sounds somewhat interesting.  I should have that recorded in a few days also.  I'm still working on figuring out the mixer, as it is somewhat tricky for some mixdown things.  Other than that, not much new, mostly looking into older riffs that I had to scratch because they were not suitable for my old band.  As time progresses they will be filtering their way here as I find them.


I now have a short clip of the demo for Frozen Life.  I have over 80% of the bass solo written and just have like 2 transitions to complete.  That may perhaps be the first song to be completed for the demo.  Enjoy.

12-27-1999  9:10pm

Today was a very productive day.  I spent hours practicing and working on Cathedral.  Unfortuantely I didn't get any good recordings due to my timing, but I did improve my sound a hair and now have the mixer downpat.  I researched drum machines today and will definately either be borrowing or buying one to do my demos.  It will make more complete demos and will also help me keep better timing.  This, of course will change when/if I get a drummer, which in this city looks impossible.

12-25-1999  10:14pm

Merry Christmas!!!  I was lucky enough to obtain the funding to get a Mackie 1202VLZ-Pro yesterday.  It is hooked up in my setup and I will begin working to get the optimum recording quality tomorrow and the rest of the week.  I hope to make a recording or two for the webpage and possilbly do some major songwriting over this week.  Have a nice Christmas (what's left).

12-24-1999 12:10am

The Last Will logo is complete as of tonight.  As you noticed when you entered my page, it is also up on the page.  I have 2 versions, the metal bar version and the standard type version.  Anyways, a friend of mine and I got together to get it done.  I will be doing some recordings this week to come, so stay tuned.  Nothing else in the news as of yet.

12-20-1999 1:35pm

I've been fairly busy with non-band related stuff the past few days.  My wrist got sore a few days ago due to too much practice, so I quit for a few days. Today my grandfather died, so things will continue to be slow until after Christmas.  I added a pics page, although most of the pics are older pics.  I should be adding some more soon.  I also re-arranged my recording area for more space and efficiency.  Neatness makes everything easier to do.  I adjusted the bridge pickup on the King V, so it sounds much better.  Otherwise there's not much new.  No new members yet because I haven't been particularly lucky in finding anyone yet.  If anyone is interested in either joining or just jamming, send me an e-mail and we can set up a time.

12-16-1999 10:05pm

I have a little "side project" goin on pretty soon here.  A friend of mine is making a Quake III Arena level and wishes for a "soundtrack" for it.  So, I have been chosen as the person to do that with.  I've been working on writing something that would work good in a deathmatch.  Anyways, when its done I will definately post it here and include it in the demo that I will be producing.  I also have done some other writing and practicing of certain songs, so I will definately be ready to record by summer 2000.  I also added a link to James Murphy's page.  He's an ex-Testament guitarrist.  Good stuff.

12-14-1999 10:05pm

Looked at the Mackie 1202VLZ-Pro today.  It's a really powerful mixer for its size.  I am considering obtaining one when the cash becomes avaliable.  Also, I screwed up and the song World of Fire is actually called Earth of Fire, no biggie, but I just wanted to fix that.  Songwriting has kind of come to a standstill as I currently have finals at school this week.  Unfortunately I've only been playing about a year and a half as you can tell from the audio clips. I figure that in a few months, once I get my picking improved things will really start to hit high gear with my playing. The middle riff to Black Day is very challenging  for me to play and that is why there is no posting as of yet.  The same goes for Sect of the Unknown.  Ethereal is an acoustical ballad type song that breaks into a heavier faster song by the end, and I am currently working on acoustical style playing more, also, as most of my previous work has been only thrash metal.  Due to these factors, that is why I am projecting the demo to be during Summer of 2000.  It will be a self titled cd Last Will.  I will have no vocals or drums (unless I run into a drummer, drum machine, or vocalist).

12-12-1999 11:30pm

It was a pretty slow few days until today.  I decided to do some recording and ended up with 3 new clips for the web page.  I tried to play Hello From the Gutter, well part of it anyways, and got the order all screwed up.  At any rate I'll do a new and better recording when I have the song memorized.  I did a clip of Cool, which I have recorded in the past, making it a one-try shot.  I also did a guitar only recording of Earth of Fire.  I hope you enjoy the clips!

12-09-1999 5:00pm

Bad news.  Behringer currently has major supply problems.  The mixer that I was going to purchase was a Behringer.  At any respect, Last Will will be minus a mixer for a while.  I updated the page some.  With the current direction and flow of whats going on, I will be releasing a guitar and bass only version of the album Last Will around summer of 2000.  If I happen to run into a drummer and/or vocalist, those parts will be added.

12-07-1999 8:05pm

Today was in interesting day.  I started out working with the song Black Day and decided to learn the scale that I made it in.  I learned parts of it and in the process came up with 2 more songs.  Last Will  is just a continuation of a riff I had made before that actually was posted here.  I then added an ending part and a part in the middle that is similar in style to a piece of Call of Ktulu.  This song is an interesting piece of work and will take me some time to get it all together.  The other song Earth of Fire is similar to a type of glam metal withought being really glammy or cheezy.  I'm still working on a riff or two on that song, but I really came up with something.  Learning this new scale is opening up a new world of possibilities in both writing and playing.

12-06-1999 11:10pm

I'm working on finding someone to make a logo with.  One of my friends claims to be a decent drawer, so I might run it by him on what I'm thinking of.  I'm also working on getting some funding for a mixer.  I have an old guitar here that I'm working on selling, but I gotta take the pickups out first.  I'm definately keeping the one and I'll probably put that one in my next guitar, another King V.  I'll be getting that one in a few years, probably.  Anyways, that's about it for now.  I'm mainly working on finding members, the logo, and songwriting/practicing as of now.  Keep in touch.

12-05-1999 8:30pm

I got borred sitting around here all day with this cold, so I decided to putz around on the guitar some.  In doing so I came up with the perfect riff for a song I was working on.  I recorded the riff in a rough idea for all of you to hear.  The song is Plague and has been added to both the clips section and my song list.  I will do a better recording of it all when I have more of the song downpat.

12-4-1999  11:05pm

News section and clips section updated some.  Made an archive of Nov's posts to make this page load quicker.  Keep in mind with that last clip posting (Layaway) that this cold is tearing me up and that my guitar work would have been much better otherwise.

12-03-1999  11:55pm

The cough still persists, although it has seemed to have gotten better today some.  I was able to work on some recording today, and I did a scratch recording of Layaway.  That, as all of my songs, is still in the writing process for all parts.  What I have posted is just a general idea of the song, nothing is written in stone.  The solo for Layaway is kind of weak as it was my second run through of the song, but I'm sure you will enjoy it.  Also, if you notice, the guitar(s) sound better yet again.  I did some fine tuning on mike positions, and I have come up with a quality that I am very happy with.  It was even to the point where I had to do little after recording eq'ing.  I also tried running my bass through my eq pedal to kind of limit the signal a hair since I do not have a bass compressor, and that seemed to also help.  I hope you enjoy the new clip as I do.  Have a great weekend.

12-02-1999  11:30am

My cough was still pretty bad last night and still kinda crappy today.  I hope to do a new clip recording tomorrow or Sunday.  Not much else new.

12-01-1999  10:30pm

Well, today is the first day of the last month in the 20th century.  I got a really bad cold the past few days with a relentless cough.  Even the darn cough syrups don't do a whole lot against it.  Anyways, I haven't been doing much for the page/band until I get well again.  I did talk to someone about distortion pedals and whatnot and he gave me a pointer about getting them to sound better and he was right.  I have slightly improved the sound of the distortion pedal.  It is tighter now and I think its better sounding.  I will have some new mp3's up here a few days after this cough goes away.  That's about it for now, so take it easy and keep thrashin'

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