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Archive News: Febuary 2001

2-25-2001  5:30pm

    I have done some recording today and recorded some new clips.  I have a short clip of Thrasher's Anonymous and a short clip of Earth of Fire in the albums section now.  I plan on doing some more practicing today and continuing to work on the new material.

2-22-2001  10:30pm

    There are two big things that I have decided on.  First I have changed the name of the song Layaway to Deciever.  Secondly I have decided that I will do my best to attempt a demo by the end of this summer.  I expect this demo to be not completed, as in some lead parts will not be written, drums will be absent for most songs except Cool and Deciever, and at least two songs will me missing lyrics.  I will post some of these songs on this website and the when they are completed.  Expect them to be out around August/September of this year.  I am also continuing to work on the material.  I spent some time today reviewing the lyrics to Deciever and I worked on the basslines to Earth of Fire, Plague, and Deciever as well.

2-11-2001  1:00pm

    Yesterday marks the entrance of a new song to the Last Will criteria.  It is called Thrasher's Anonymous, which uses the concept and name of the old song but has completely new music behind the words.  I've definitely gotten an interesting amount of drive for my material as of late.  I will be continuing to work on the other songs and I hope to have material together, practiced, and ready for my possible demo that I may attack this summer.  It will probably be a 6 track demo featuring some session musicians and myself.

2-10-2001  8:00pm

    Between last night and today I wrote a bassline and completely finished the arrangement of Earth of Fire.  I was not quite happy with the way it was previously so I re-arranged it to fit the lyrics better and give the song some "breathing room".  I also messed with some ideas I had for Layaway's new arrangement... that is inconclusive.  I also will be cutting at Plague and Sect of the Unknown over the next few days.  My goal is to get these songs arranged, memorized, and bass parts written and memorized so that I can practice them and then by the time I'm ready to start on a demo this summer I can just play the parts and not waste time building skills and whatnot.  I hope to be able to put some new clips up here in the next month or so.  I'll keep you posted.

2-9-2001  12:30am

    I've had alot of time to do some thinking and I believe that for the current point in time I am going to keep Last Will as my personal pet project.  I just feel that in order to truly do with this band what I want it is easiest for me to write the material mostly myself with some input from other musicians that I work with on occation and then bring in a drummer or anyone else I may need for recordings.  Playing live at this stage is only a blurred vision due to school, lacking of musicians wanting to go in this direction, and my own lacking as a guitarrist.  I hope to be back to accepting musicians in the next 6 months, but honestly I cannot say when/if I will ever do that.  Still, if you are interested in jamming with me, give me a holler, I'm always open to meet new people in this field!

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