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Archive news: January 2000

01-30-2000 9:00pm

Today I re-recorded Earth of Fire with the new riff lineup.  I messed up a few times and do not have the endurance to play the entire song all the way through, so I started the solo riff and quit after a second run through it.  This song will also be slowed down just a hair from this specific demo as I do not feel it should be played quite this fast.  We shall see how things go with it.  I have the new riff posted on the clips board for everyone.  I also am working on a bass line that will fit well with this song.  I have redone the intro some as it was a bit too similar to the intro to I Hate by Overkill.  The new intro is not in this new clip.  This new clip is about 1.5 meg, which is a touch big, but it is about 1/2 the song, so...

01-28-2000 2:00am

Well, not much new.  I've been pretty busy with school lately, so the band has gone by the back burner.  On the good side, though, I did create a new riff for the song Plague and have some ideas for the song Abyss of Insanity.  I also am getting some decent practice in.  I am playing the King V (with much tigher strings) more and using a heavier pick (green Tortex) to build myself up.  I am also doing alot of scale practice to improve fingering.

01-23-2000  5:00pm

I started work on my personal page.  I will have non-Lat Will related things and issues.  I have a link to it in the link section from here.  One thing that I have been working on is posting my metal collection and some information about most pieces.

01-21-2000  6:30pm

I did some slight updates to the page.  I added some pics of my '88 Jackson King V that were taken before I obtained it.  I also updated my contact info.  I also removed the Hello from the Gutter clip I did a while back.  This clip was poorly done and was a cover that I do not plan on putting on anything in the near future.  Nothing else new for now.

01-20-2000 11:20pm

I haven't touched guitar too much over the past few days except for today.  I have been doing some reading and whatnot on metal guitar playing, and even though I didn't really learned much, what I did read was reinforcement of some things I had been working on.  Today I wrote another awesome riff and it seems like it would go good in the song Plague.  I also practiced the 2 most difficult riffs in Black Day.  I still have trouble playing them, but I did play them slow and put 2 different harmony parts to 'em and they sound awesome!!  Anyways, that's about it for now.

01-16-2000 3:40pm

I've decided that I will not post a clip from every song that I have planned to be on the demo on my site.  That will make things a bit more interesting, I believe.  Instead, I will focus on making better clips.  As time goes on, and I improve, I will repost alot of the (Cathedral being an exception.  I plan on re-doing the drum part in that song at some point before the demo is done) songs that are allready here.  During the next few months, I will mostly be working on playing and writing.  It takes much longer to create an album when you are the only person writing all the parts.  I hope that my demo will be completed by the end of the summer of 2000.  At any repsect, I will probably be slowing down my postings on this site, so what you see now is probably going to be it for a while.  I hope to get some new pictures up at some point and maybey some sort of voting thing for the different clips, but none of that will happen over the next week or anything.  I feel at this point that musical quality is much more important than website datedness.  If I have any really big or important Last Will related news, I will post it.  Good luck to everyone and keep thrashin!!!

01-15-2000 12:15am

I really got into the song Earth of Fire today.  That's a fun song to play and mess around with.  I even wrote another riff to the song and now have a good amount of it done.  I'm mostly getting everything in order and memorized.  It's gunna be a fairly long song I think.  Anyways, I spent a lot of time today practicing soloing and some speed rythym stuff.  I might have a new posting up here any day, hopefully.

01-14-2000  12:20am

Things have been quite hectic the past few days as I am getting everything together for another semester of school.  I did jam a few days ago with a friend of mine.  We had a good time and played some awesome stuff.

01-10-2000  11:30pm

Between yesterday and today, I did alot of work on Last Will, Earth of Fire, and Sect of the Unknown.  I'll keep you posted on things to come.

01-09-2000  8:50pm

I did a very minor update to the page.  I no longer have the carriage returns at the end of lines when I type them.  That way you can veiw the text well at any size.  The whole reason I had it that way was becasuse of that stupid add thingy in the upper right hand corner.  Anyways, I spent alot of time working on the song Layaway along with improving my rythym playing.

01-07-2000  12:10pm

I have come up with another riff for Earth of Fire.  I also went back to school as of 01-05, so that's why things have been kinda slow as far as music goes.  I've been practicing alot of different things and am still working on soloing so that I can write a respectable solo for Cathedral.  Also, my counter (which comes from has been on the fritz lately, so if you have any loading problems that involve stalling, that's why.  Simply hit stop and continue to view the page.  This is a random occurance, and I'm not sure what's goin on.  I also removed the short clip of the song Last Will as it was poorly done and is not a very good representative of the whole song.

01-03-2000  8:25pm

Well, everyone, the bass line to Cathedral.  All that song needs is a good solo, which I will work on over time.  I have done a preliminary mixdown and posted a cut version of the song for you to hear.  It is in stereo and at a fairly high quality, unfortuantely while compressing the mp3 some of the drum cymbals' quality was lost.  This was the first recording to actually use a drum machine, which will make things a tad more interesting even though it is doin very repetative things due to time and simplicity's sake.  Anyways, enjoy.

01-02-2000  10:30pm

I worked on the bass line for Cathedral tonight and have it mostly completed.  I will then only need to write a solo for that song and it will be done.

01-01-2000  1:10am

Well, for those of you who thought the world was gunna end, ya were wrong!  This is the new millenium, hopefully mankind won't be as stupid as it was in the past millenium, but I doubt it.  Anyways, with that out of the way, I have borrowed a Boss drum machine for a day and was able to get most of the song Cathedral recorded.  Unfortunatley the drums are very static at this time, but that could change as time goes on.  At any rate, the guitars sound good and are on time.  I still need to run the bass track and write/record the solo.  I came up with some more riffs, but I'm not sure where they'll fit in as of yet.  I did come up with another riff for the song Last Will a few days back.   Oh, I forgot to mention this in the previous news.  Last Will is now on  For those of you looking for more info on the band (which if you're here, you probably know me personally, so its a moot point) keep coming here.  The news will come here first before I put it on  Feel free to spread it around.  That's it for the news for the millenium.

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