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Archive News: January 2001

1-30-2001 10:50pm

Well its been a while and things have been somewhat odd around here lately.  I've done alot of thinking about what I want to do musically.  I also got to work with a vocalist a week ago.  He was very good at what he did but after my thinking I believe that I am going to take some time off from the band stuff.  I really feel that before I start any more serious band things that my playing should be much more reliable and better overall.  I am tentatively debating starting a new demo in May and spend a few months on it to get it done.  I will keep you posted.  In the time being, good luck and keep on thrashing!

1-21-2001 2:20pm

Not much going on at the moment.  I've had some discussions with different people and am doing alot of thinking about my philosophy in handling the band and whatnot.  I am definitely interested in finding new members and putting this band back together again.  Hopefully that will happen fairly soon, like before the end of the summer.

1-18-2001  12:50am

Today was a major setback in the current status of the band.  Brian left the band for personal reasons.  He just decided that things weren't working so he left.  Hopefully things will work out for him and me.  So as of now I'm back to just one person.  Kinda depressing, but I won't let this end the band.  I am not exactly sure of my next steps, but I will let you know as soon as I figure them out.  Also, I got a second Shure SM57 yesterday.

1-02-2001  10:35pm

Brian and I had a practice today.  We went over typical shit.  We also started work on a new side project featuring Dragosani, the guy who runs the Frozen Palace and Iced Earth message board there.  Brian also got a new guitar.  It is a B.C. Rich NJ Warlock.  Well that's everything for the moment.

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