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Archive News: June 2000

06-25-2000  11:40pm

Over the past few days we have had a few practices with our new drummer, Ryan.  Things are a bit rough, but its coming together.  Slowly, but surely we're improving our material, making it smoother, tighter, and more fluid.  Brian and I have some work that we need to do, but for the most part things are moving along nicely.

06-21-2000  11:15pm

Today we had a practice with our new drummer and things went really smoothly and well.  The middle part of Layaway is really badass!!  Cathedral and Cool are also coming along well.  Within a month or two we should be laying down tracks for the demo.  The reason for the long time is that lacking of recording gear currently.  That will change in time, though.

06-18-2000  8:20pm

Well, the new site is posted on the net here and everything is up and running fine.  Feel free to post on our new message board and whatnot.  Let us know what you think of us and out site.  Also, I did a new recording of Earth of Fire, which is posted in the audio section.  I would also like to thank Jason Boles for his hard work in the creation of some of the graphics on our site and our logo.

06-18-2000  5:40pm

I have been working on revamping this web page over the past few weeks off and on.  I finally got most of the things completed today that I wanted to get done.  I also felt that with the coming of the drummer, it would be a nice little change to improve on this thing.  As I stated in the beginning, I am learning how to do this stuff as time goes on.  If you have any feedback on this page or any ideas that you would like that you think would make it or the band better, either contact us or post it on our new discussion forum.  

06-17-2000  9:32pm

The last 3 days have been quite hectic as far as Last Will goes.  On Thursday Brian and I met with Ryan, who is now our drummer.  Friday, Brian and I worked on some bass lines and got some practice in.  Today, I tried out Ryan.  He's damn good at drums and has alot of drive and energy to add to the band.  Things are slowly, but surely coming into place.


06-09-2000  11:25pm

It has been decided that that drummer is not in Last Will at this time.  So, we're looking in earnest for someone, even if its just to record our demo with.  If you're a drummer in this area with a place to play at, let us know.  Anyways, we had another practice today.  Things went pretty well.  Cool is just about perfect.  Cathedral has a few little bugs and Layaway still has some things that need ironed out, but we should be ready to work with a drummer in a week now.  Basically once we find a drummer and I get a multitrack, we'll be ready to record this demo as far as rythm goes.


06-05-2000  8:45pm

Yesterday I played with a drummer that we've been lining up with lately.  He's really cool and for it being the first time we played together, everything went smoothly.  We're going to have another practice and see how it goes before any official decisions are made about him being in or not.  Both him and I would rather take time and see how we work together.  This is especially improtant for drums due to my last experience with a drummer... I would just like to avoid that kind of thing again if possible.  But at any rate, he's a really good potential for a drummer.


06-02-2000  11:10pm

Today Brian and I got together and practiced some songs.  Our progress is quite good.  We had alot of success today and still have energy to practice more stuff and practice songs more.  On Sunday I will trying out a drummer for us.  He and I are good friends, so as long as he works musically, he's in the band.

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