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Archive News: June to December 2001

11-11-2001  11:15pm

    I spent some time talking to Ryan about some various things,  During these discussions he decided to rejoin Last Will, making us a trio of metal madness.  This addition to the band will give us the extra advantage that we've been lacking and will allow us to get up to speed with each other faster.  Plus we have planned to work on some more material more agressively.  So look for more news in the Last Will camp over the rest of this month!

10-21-2001  7:30pm

    We have still been practicing.  Right now Alan and I are working on perfecting our playing of Cool, Layaway, and Earth of Fire.  We are also working on a few covers.  Plague, Thrasher's Anonymous, and Last Will are currently being the focus of our writing.  We also may start on a new song, Beaurocratic Bullshit, fairly soon.  We are still looking for other members, primarily a drummer.  Otherwise things have been slow here on the Last Will front.  I will keep you posted on any new developments.

9-23-2001  9:30pm

    Well, we've been practicing weekly.  Things are slowly coming together.  There are alot of new ideas flowing forth from our guitars and we're pretty happy with what's been coming forth.  For those of you who have been affected by the terrorist actions, we give you our blessings.  Hopefully we can get a new recording of Earth of Fire available before it becomes true!  Anyways, things are moving forwards.

8-26-2001  11:45pm

    Today was a good day for the band.  Alan and I were able to cut through Cool, Layaway, and Earth of Fire with some decency.  We also discussed some covers that we might decide to do live.  Overall, we are both very positive about the direction things are going in at the moment.  Hopefully we can pick up some others members soon also.

08-12-2001  10:00pm

    This has been a very slow summer for the band.  It was memberless and I got pulled to other important projects.  Well now the major parts of those projects are done.  I am also happy to announce the addition of a new mind to the band.  Alan Barker, a guitarrist that I have worked with in the past, had taken the position of the second guitarrist.  We spent some time today going over Deciever and its future, Cool, and Earth of Fire.  Over the next few weeks Alan and I will be working on the current material, creating new material, working on covers, and rehearsing what we have.  We also will be searching for a drummer, bassist, and vocalist.  If you do any of these, or know someone who does, with some ability, feel free to contact either of us.  Due to this change in momentum and members, I decided to do some minor updating to this website.  Check out the pages for anything new!

07-13-2001  10:00pm

    Wow... its been a while.  Basically I bought that Cadillac and its been eating much of my time as there are some engine problems I have to fix.  I have been working on the new material for the next demo.  In fact, today I got some basic concepts down for vocal lines for Earth of Fire.  The new mp3 is online under albums -> Last Will.  Check it out and let me know what you all think!  I know the recording quality is a bit rough, but it is only a scratch recording anyways.  I am beginning on the material for the next demo, so keep patient and you won't regret it.

06-04-2001  10:15pm

    A few days ago I obtained a drum machine.  So now the work on the new demo will begin.  If I get some more people along the way, great, but at least this way I know I can get it done.  I have no idea when I will complete it, though.  I doubt it will be until some time next year, though.  I'll keep you posted.

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