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Archive News: March 2001

3-13-2001  8:20pm

    Today I have officially decided that I will be creating a new demo this summer and this fall.  I am not sure when the release date will be.  Things are a bit too unstable bandwise to predict exactly what will happen, but I can guarantee that a new demo is the first thing that will happen.  As things start to come together I will post more information concerning it, such as its title and other important facts.  I will also create a page in the albums section for it once the time approaches.  I also did some minor updating to the website today.

3-11-2001  3:30pm

    Things have been really slow as far as the band goes.  I've been practicing alot lately, mostly.  I started working on 2 different sweep patterns and am doing well at those.  My rhythm playing has gained alot of ability.  I also have recently played with a friend, Alan Barker, last weekend.  This past Friday I went to an Overkill show.  Between playing with Alan and seeing the Overkill show I have a bit of a recharge for this material.  I also feel that the guitar class I am taking through school has given me a new view of music.  I have been able to analize my own material and writing with a different and more technical perspective.  This has also helped my new riffs.  Things will be a bit more complex in the future.

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