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Archive news: March 2000

03-27-2000  9:40pm

Today I got the OK from everyone to tear down the chat room.  The reason is because we cannot use it for its intended use and people who come here won't be inclined to use it because we're such a low traffic site.  In the future I may consider a message board, but we'll see what happens.

03-25-2000  12:11am

Well, we got together to do 2 main things.  First off, we went looking for a guitar for Brian.  That went well overall.  Then we played.  We worked on the main 3 songs and of course, Earth of Fire.  That song will require alot of work to get together well.  Brian is decently up to speed and Mike is still behind.  I figure that by the end of April things will start coming together for us.  We even started working on some really old riffs of mine.  Some of them are about a year old or so that I couldn't play that well back then.  We plan on putting some cool parts to them and really making alot out of them.  Things are going very well and hopefully things will continue this way.

03-23-2000  1:00am

Today I (Joe) played in the Engineering Talent show at Pitt.  I played the first few riffs of Earth of Fire and then went into some freestyle stuff.  The crowd seemed to enjoy the song.  Friday Brian and I will be doing some guitar shopping for him and afterwards we will be jamming with Mike.  I'll keep ya posted on that.

03-18-2000  12:15am

Last Will now officially has a bass player after another intensive night of trying out Mike.  Although the tests were rigerous, he also passed them with flying colors.  I think that after a few weeks of work he will probably be up to speed as well.  After the jam session today, we worked on the major trio for the demo and the rest of the songs were breifly touched apon.  Anyways, things seem to be falling into place.  I'll keep you posted on more happenings.

03-16-2000  12:30am

Today I added in a chat room that we as a band will use to discuss meetings and whatnot.  If you want to talk with us, we will be there for time to time.  Feel free to stop by, but it does take a few moments to load, so if it just has a white screen, give it a minute to finish loading.  If it still doesn't load, try re-loading.  It still has some small bugs to work out.  Brian is currently working on some potential new material for Last Will.  Friday marks the second trial for a bass player.  Hopefully things will work out better with this bassist than the last one I tried.

03-13-2000  7:45pm

Brian is currently working on getting up to speed, and we believe that he is getting really close.  Probably within 2 weeks (2 jam sessions) he'll be ready for recording, writing, and all that happy fun stuff.  I have been also practicing and doing some upgrading on my guitars.  I put a new pickup in the King V that I had lying around, and I did some adjustments on the Rogue.  We will be doing some work to Brian's Ibanez EX 370 on Friday, along with trying out a bass player.  I'll keep ya posted.

03-11-2000  12:05am

Brian and I met again today to work on some songs.  He still has some brushing up to do, but all seems quite well.  We recorded a short clean/distorted lead song today that just seemed to fall into place.  I hope you all enjoy it.  This is officially the first clip that features the new member.  Enjoy.

03-07-2000  11:15pm

I have been having some important discussions with Brian about the band and basically getting him caught up some.  After these discussions, we've come to a few conclusions.  One of the first is that he is anti-KoRn/Limp Bizkit just like I am, if not more so.  Also, he plans on utlilzing his 7 string guitar in a positive, productive manner and not a muddy crap sounding method.  Also, I wouldn't let him do that to this band.  Anyways, he will also be brought in on the writing as he seems to have a style similar to mine and we can possibly create some interesting things with 2 heads instead of just me.  He really seems like a natural compenent to the band allready.  I will post some clips of the two of us playing as soon as we play at my place (where all the recording gear is).  If anyone has any questions concerning the band and his involvement or anything along those lines, feel free to contact us.  Also in the news for today I would like to make it official that I have a bassist that I will be trying out sometime next week hopefully.  He is actually a friend of Brian, and from what I've heard about and from him, he seems to be well expierenced in music and music writing.  I will definately keep you posted on any developments.

03-03-2000  11:10pm

Today marks a major forward movement for the band as I was lucky enough to jam with the infamous Brian Van Maurik.  He is officially in the band Last Will after a very intensive screening program.  He passed all of the rigorous tests with flying colors.  This individuals skills, style, and abilities are both needed and wanted by Last Will and will be incorporated as soon as I get him up to speed with the current material.  Let us welcome him into the band.

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