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Archive news: May 2000

05-20-2000  11:55pm

Today Brian and I had our typical practice session.  Overall it went decently.  Brian's downpicking has improved greatly over the past month.  We also did some more research on hard disk recorders and whatnots.  Things seem to be moving along slowly, but still moving, which is what we want.

05-14-2000  6:00pm

A few days ago Brian and I played our stuff.  We practiced the typical stuff.  Nothing majorly new.  We did finally get a good recording quality for Brian that sounded different than I do.

05-08-2000  11:00am

On Friday (about 3 days ago) Brian and I got togethered and practiced some songs.  We went over the regular 3, Plague, Black Day, and a few of his own ideas.  I also showed him my concept for a demo cover and he approved.  We discussed demo and future album orginaztion stuff and have the concept for the demo almost completed.  We messed around with some recording of Brian and came up with a sound that is definately better than we had before, but still needs to be improved.  I am considering using the Tec4x for some distortion for him and perhaps doing some "fancy footwork" to get his guitar to sound better with it.

05-02-2000  7:45pm

Today we had a short jam session.  We worked on Earth of Fire, Layaway, Cool, and Cathedral.  We spent about 2 hours playing.  We then went and looked for a guitar for Brian and checked out some other equipment.  Only if I had a spare $2000......  Anyways, I have been speeking with a potential vocalist over the past few weeks and we hope to be trying him out as soon as the opportunity becomes available.  We will also be trying out a drummer that we know around mid to late May.  I will inform you of any happenings in that realm.  My soloing has improved some over the past few weeks and Brian's downpicking is moving along nicely.  We sould have the demo done by the end of August for sure at this rate.

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