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Archive News: May 2001

5-28-2001  3:45pm

    I have been working with that drum machine that my friend bought a while ago.  I think I borrowed it a long time ago.  I remember doing a recording of Cathedral with it.  Anyways, I programmed some new beats and wrote 2 new riffs.  I think its pretty good.  Check it out in the albums section.  After doing the work with this thing that I have I've decided to get a drum machine myself.  I have still been very unsuccessful in finding a drummer, so this is the next best alternative.

5-19-2001  9:45pm

   I got a job for the summer now.  It has and will pay for some more gear that I plan on getting.  I've been talking to a few musicians over the past few weeks but so far nothing official has come of it.  With that said, I'm still looking for musicians.  If you're interested in playing this kind of music, feel free to contact me.

5-02-2001  4:00pm

  Things have been really slow, hence why I didn't bother to make an April news archive.  School has been kicking my butt.  Anyways, now I'm out.  I'm still looking for members, but have not found anyone yet.  I'm not exactly sure what will end up happening with the band if things continue on in this fashion.  I did get some fretwork done on the King V and it plays MUCH nicer now.  I must get back to practicing and whatnot.

4-09-2001  10:20pm

    I have decided that its time to start making the band grow again.  I have had some time off to relax and work on just playing.  I have come a long way since Brian quit the band and I feel that if I were to get members together that within a few weeks I would be ready to go live.  So for right now I'm looking for people to fill in all the slots.  If you're interested, please contact me.

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