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Archive News: November 2000

11-27-2000  6:40pm

School sux.  Remember that.  Anyways, Ryan has been really busy with school as of late so we've basically called everything off until Christmas break.  Brian will be working quite a bit.  That leaves me and Jeff.  Well there is alot going on in my life beyond the band right now, including school, that is eating some serious time from me.  Basically the band is on pause.  I am spending alot of time practicing, though, which will help alot as I have some catching up to do since I was mixing /mastering the demo.  Check back for any updates, though.  You never know when some time might happen to pop open for us.

11-21-2000  1:15am

Well, Last Will has officially been around 1 whole year.  After some reflection on the past year I have some very good feelings about this band.  Things have been a tad rocky at times and we're moving at almost a stop currently, but with life and school and everything else, sometimes it is difficult to keep everything in perspective.  Hopefully with alot of stuff ironed out now we will move more smoothly in the next year.  In the first year we've picked up a few good members and produced a pretty kickin demo that is now in all parts of the world.  I'd say that that's pretty darn cool!  My playing has improved greatly over the past year and the band as a whole has grown alot.  With Brian Van Maurik on second guitar, we added a new level of dimension in writing and input.  When Ryan joined we gained musical stability and much better timing.  When Jeff joined we gained a bassist.  I think that I have obtained my objectives this past year in what I wanted to do with this band.  And most importantly, I had fun with it.  Let us hope that the next year is just as good if not better than this past year.  

I asked Brian for a commentary on his time with the band and he stated "It's been a great 9 months, and I'm looking forward to working on the album. And I am very happy to be working with people who do not suck."

Well, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11-18-2000  12:40am

Brian and I had a simple practice today.  We went over some shit and I practiced alot of soloing.  I've definitely improved leaps and bounds since I recorded the leads on the demo.  I'm more rhythmic and emotional than the balls to the walls speed that I was trying for for the demo.  I got a rack case, so transporting all my crap will be easier now as well.  Also, the page has gone yet another little change.  The equipment is now on the individual member's pages.  Each person gets his own page for simplicity sakes.

11-11-2000  1:10am

Today Brian and I got together and ran through pretty much all of our material minus 1 song, Defiler.  Things went really well and our playing has definitely improved.  Hopefully we will have a full band practice soon.

11-03-2000 7:00pm

Well, it appears that things are moving quite slowly with us right now.  After the pressure to get this demo done and with school and work killing us, we've decided to take yet another weekend off.  Jeff and I are planning to get together sometime in the near future and we might include Brian, depending on scheduling.  At any respect, I've done some playing with other people lately and came up with some really great inspirational riffs and ideas.  I even recorded a few of my own riffs along with some of my friend's riffs.  It's good to occasionally get outside your own little circle of musicians and get some outside ideas and influence.  At any respect, here's what's goin on right now.  Jeff got a Hartke bass head.  I am selling Jeff my old 1x15 cab since I got the Marshall 2x12.  The message board has been removed for the time being.  Nobody uses it and it just takes up space here.  Brian and I discussed some ideas we had for the page and I will try to run some ideas by Jeff sometime soon as well.  Once the 4 of us get together, we will have some serious work cut out for us.  On the bright side, we're all able to work on our own playing and improve upon some concepts that we were starting when the demo came by.  Some demos are available out there and for those of you who still want one, we still have some, so just let us know and we can discuss getting one to you.  That's it (I know its long).  Take it easy!

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