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Archive news: November 1999

11-28-1999  8:30pm

Not too much goin on right now.  I spent a few hours yesterday messing around with microphone positioning and whatnots.  I did manage to obtain a better sound just by repositioning things, and the new setup is much simpler and easy to replicate.  I plan on posting some more short riffs by the end of the week.  Still no new members to the band as of yet.  I talked with the members of my old band and they seem to be very happy with their new bassist, which is good.  This way I have much more freedom to write what I wish, which is much faster and heavier than the stuff I was allowed to work with before.  I would also like to say that if anyone has any suggestions or input on anything about the band, from webpage stuff to music to recording, feel free to e-mail me or look me up on ICQ.   I'm open to suggestions.

11-26-1999  4:30pm

I obtained a Shure SM57 mike today, and after some experimentation, I was able to get a decent sound.  I was able to remove a big amount of that "small room" type sound just by opening my Jackson case infront of my amp so that the soft insulation stuff was showing (I knew that case was good for something other than holding my guitar).  Since I got a much better guitar sound, I re-recorded Abyss of Insanity, and recorded a few short riffs that have been sitting around here, some longer than others.  I can assure you that the Shure SM57 will be used for all recordings from now on, along with my new setup.  Currently, I am using an eq pedal as a mike preamp due to lack of funding.  Once some cash starts rolling in here again, I am looking at purchasing a small mixer, which will really improve this recording rig, as you shall see when I post mp3's recorded with it.  In the mean time, I'm stuck with this, but everyone has to start somewhere.  I will go back to song writing and practice for a short while.  Until then, keep on wreckin yer kneck and checking back for updates.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  This morning, I was able to get a clip recorded.  I will not do any more clips until I get my SM57 and do some more work with recording as I'm not particularly happy with the sound of the guitar as of yet.  What I recorded is the majority of the idea of the song Abyss of Insanity.  I have to work on a solo section, but that is the basic ghist of the song.  Well, don't over stuff yourselves and have a nice holiday!

11-25-1999  12:35am

I should actually have a few misc riffs posted here by the end of tomorrow.  I borrowed a mike off of a friend to do this until Friday.  I also dug up (in my mind and on my hd) a more recent song that I was working on that I ditched because my old band disliked the one main riff.  Now that I am no longer a part of that band, I'm starting to pull out some of my stuff like this.  Anyways, this song is called Sect of the Unknown, and it will have an interesting intro along with a fast and slightly complex rythym part.  I will post this song after I get some clips that I have listed as going to be here.


As you probably noticed, the site got a major overhaul.  I decided to go with frames.  It also makes things more simplistic to the user and easy to keep clean in the future.  I should be obtaining a Shure sm57 microphone that will be a perminant fixture to my equpiment either Friday or Sat, so I should have some sound files here very soon after.

11-23-1999  4:35pm

I've added a few links to the bottom of my site.  I have plans for borrowing a microphone for the holiday weekend.  I have also finished the rythym part of the song Cool, which will probably have a name change in the near future.

11-22-1999  9:00 pm

I've sent this page out to most everyone I know, and I thank you all for your feedback.  I will definately work hard on getting at least one or possibly 2 audio clips up here asap.  I can garuintee that I will get at least 1 up here by the end of Thanksgiving.  Most of the material that I am going to be posting is older material and will be representative of the simpler side of the songs that I will write.  Also, I ran into a bassist that I have played with before, and I think that after some work, he might be in the band, but nothing is near official as of yet.

11-20-1999  1:27am

Well, everyone, as it stands, I'm the only member to this band.  I just left my old band due to disagreements with the members.  I plan on recruiting some members in the future and starting to get my songs together.  Right now, I have about 20+ riffs sitting here, but not a clue how to put 'em together.  I hope to have some mp3's or RA's or something up sometime soon here.  Thanks to all who made this possible.


I now have some webspace.  I will be posting some mp3's shortly for those of you interested in my sound.  Please bear with me while I learn how to make pages and put my material together.  I thank you for your patience.  I will update this page as I get time and info.

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